Edwinson   Lutherie

Fine, hand-crafted ,  21st Century acoustic guitars

designed and built by

stephen j. sheriff, luthier


   Since you have arrived here at the Edwinson Lutherie home page, I must assume that you have an interest in handcrafted, original, custom made acoustic guitars. If that is indeed the case, I hope you will abide for awhile, and allow me to show you some fascinating things I have discovered about our favorite instrument.

       A fine guitar is the bridge that spans the time and space between an inspiration and its expression. A fine guitar gives voice to the Muse. The voice of the Muse is Music. The whole of the human condition can be found there, under those vibrating strings, in the hands of anyone who cares to take Humanity’s universal language  of Music to the next  octave.

    I believe that Lutherie is a form of alchemy, practiced in wood. Lutherie is making wood into Music.

    If you find some designs and shapes and ideas here that resonate with your own thinking ,  perhaps you may consider continuing the conversation by becoming the co-designer of your own Edwinson guitar. That’s why I’m here-- to make the most excellent guitars that my mind, body and soul will allow, and to place them into the hands of players who understand and share this passion.

    If you and I turn out to be of like mind on the subject of fine guitars, then more to both our good fortune, eh?



I hope you enjoy your visit to the Edwinson Lutherie website, and come back often. Please pardon my long-winded explications. I can’t help it.

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